Off Grid Trek Offers Portable Power for Camping & Emergency Preparedness

Tech Report

If you’re going camping or hiking or anywhere where you’ll find yourself without power, you need to be prepared. That means gear, food, water, and of course, a reliable and proper power source.

That’s where Off-Grid Trek comes in. Off-Grid Trek’s 200-watt Solar Blanket and Ecoflow Delta 1300 Solar Generator are an absolute must if you need power to sustain your trip into the great outdoors.

The 200-Watt solar blanket offers the highest true efficiency rating currently on the market.

That means that when other solar panels stop working when it’s cloudy or they’re in the shade, Off-Grid Trek’s solar blanket will continue to deliver reliable power when you need it most.

It has the ability to charge multiple devices at once including vehicle & trailer batteries making it truly versatile.

This lightweight solar blanket edges in at just under 14 pounds and folds up to about the size of a laptop. This makes it the best portable solution that can be easily used in your home, cabin, or camping providing much-needed power.

By itself, the Off-Grid Trek’s solar blanket has the ports to charge two USB devices such as phones or tablets. It also has one USB-C/PD port for charging newer laptops.

Its waterproof and rugged design will keep it going for what feels like a lifetime.

The 200-watt solar blanket pairs perfectly with many Solar Generators on the market for access to real power. This includes Ecoflow, Bluetti as well as Goal Zero, Inergy, Dometic Jackery, and many others.

In fact, these packages can power up a full-sized fridge, TV, laptop, lights, you name it. It’s the perfect accessory to your truck, RV, cabin, or even your home during a power outage.

This versatile and multipurpose solution is there for you whenever you need reliable power.

And if you don’t need all that power, Off-Grid also offers a smaller Solar Panel 28.5W that’s great for hiking and camping at just over 1lb.

There’s very little that’s beyond the capacity of the Off-Grid Trek’s solar-powered blankets and generator packages that can provide power in less than ideal conditions when others do not, even in rain, snow and heavy smoke.

Off-Grid Trek delivers reliable power when you need it the most.

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