Learning is supposed to be fun and exciting. It should never be forced in order for it to be effective. 

This is where an enhanced learning experience plays a major role. While it’s true that content is king, it also matters how and where that content is being deployed. 

Thus, it is important for you as an organization to ensure your learners are being offered a training program that is easily accessible. The more convenient it is for employees to learn, the better engagement you can anticipate. 

One of the major restrictions that come in between your learner and their training/education is the rigid location. But with the help of responsive learning solutions, you can easily execute training programs that your learners can consume from any and every device. 

There are plenty of ways in which these solutions have helped many managers and employers to revolutionize their learning experience. You can read about the same below. 

  • Makes learning easy

As discussed above, location is perhaps one of the major factors that can cause a delay in the completion of training programs for several employees. When they only have an option to consume the material while they are at the office, it is a challenge for them to juggle their work and training. It also requires them to get away from their work station in the middle of the day. 

With multi-device solutions, your employees have an opportunity to get free from location-related restrictions. They can take your training while commuting from their home to their office; or while sitting at their homes when they have time on their hands. 

There are also many who do not own a laptop but still use a smartphone in today’s time. When your training session supports multiple devices, these individuals can also consume your training material when they wish to. 

  • Allows geo-fencing 

A location-based service in which a mobile app makes use of GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular data to activate the pre-programmed action whenever a mobile phone enters/exits a certain geographical location, geo-fencing has proven to be one of the most useful tools that can help revolutionize learning experience. 

Take an industrial worker for an instance. When you have a new hire starting with the job, you can set a pre-programmed action of how to use certain machinery. The moment they set a foot in your area, they will be alerted with that training material that they can consume before starting out.  

This way, you can also make sure that you are deploying relevant material for those who need it and that too at the exact time it is needed. 

Thus, offering training with a multiple- device solution truly is beneficial. 

  • Easy to train external partners 

There are a few times when you are in the need to train individuals that are outside your official premises. 

These could be your customers, vendors, franchise managers, or maybe your external partners altogether. These are the individuals who cannot visit your office every now and then to get the training you wish for them to take. 

While your customers might need to get trained in the use of certain software, your vendors might need to understand how to pitch your product further. The learning needs, requirements, and time on their hands are completely different for each individual. 

With multiple- device solutions, you can at least ensure that your external partners are can take the training from wherever they are, whenever they need it. 

Their convenience and ease will only make things better for your organization. 


A learning experience is one of the most significant aspects of ensuring your employees and other learners are willing to be part of your training. Multiple-device solutions can help you take a step further in enhancing the learning experience for these individuals.