Samsung Galaxy S21

By: Nick Gambino

We are now at the point where preorders of preorders are a thing. The much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S21 is now available for consumers to reserve for preorder. So it’s not quite a preorder but it’s like getting in a virtual line to then be able to preorder once it goes live.

The new Samsung flagship phones are expected to launch in a couple weeks at the January 14th Unpacked event. That’ll most likely be the official unveiling with the preorder going live shortly after. This will also be our first real look at the phones. Until now, we’ve really only seen leaks.

The leaked images, which we reported on a couple weeks ago, suggest the three phones will see an upgrade to the camera, adding lenses much the way Apple did with the iPhone 11 and 12 Pro. The Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus will sport three lenses, while the big boy, the S21 Ultra, will see a whopping four lenses. It looks a little crowded, what with the sensor and autofocus module, but if the camera does its job, I think consumers will be forgiving.

Again, this is all based on leaked images. We never truly know what’s what until the official release, which is only a couple weeks out. These leaked images might show what the phones were going to look like before additional tweaks or changes. Though, if my money were on the line, I’d say the three phones will look a lot like these pretty convincing leaked photos.

Now, in order to secure a preorder reservation, just go to Samsung’s website and plug in your name, your email address and your zip code. It doesn’t cost anything, much like a restaurant reservation doesn’t cost anything, unless you’re wining and dining at one of those super swanky joints that require a deposit when securing a table.

The ongoing pandemic has played hell on manufacturing, causing delays in releases of what were sure things in earlier years, like the iPhone. The reservation for a preorder might seem a little ridiculous, but the possibility of a smaller inventory due to manufacturing delays means you might only be able to get your hands on a Galaxy S21 phone anytime soon if you reserve the preorder. Otherwise, you might have to wait.