Report Workplace Discrimination Anonymously with the Equall App


We’ve come a long way in society in these last few years, especially in the workplace. Creating inclusivity and a safe space for addressing discrimination is essential.

Equall is an app that drives inclusivity in the workplace by providing a safe and anonymous way for employees to keep a log of discrimination securely.

“Discrimination” can be a scary word, but addressing it is an important part of decreasing staff turnover and increasing employee wellness.


By keeping an ongoing log of incidents of discrimination, employers and managers can identify and resolve grievances, helping to build and foster a more inclusive workplace.

Employees have the ability to submit a report anonymously. In the report, they’re able to describe the incident and detail how the incident made them feel.

HR or a manager can then open up a dialogue with the employee through the app. The report is then used to map issues throughout the organization to gain actionable insight to prevent any such incidents from occurring again.

It’s time to move beyond discrimination. Everyone deserves to work in an environment that fosters inclusivity and innovation.

Equall is here to help make that a reality. Start using the app for free today by going to