Simplify Your Next Livestream with Virtual Event Software by Canapii

Consumer Update

Hosting an event, whether in-person or online, is quite a task and takes a lot of organization.

Thankfully there’s Canapii to help simplify the entire process.

Canapii is a platform whereby users can manage delegates, sell tickets, monitor who signs up, drive numbers and so much more.

With livestreaming capabilities in their Virtual Platform that includes auto-captions and live translations in any language, the platform will allow you to maximize your reach and target a global audience.


Broadcast your content seamlessly with your own combination of live and pre-recorded video.

All with a state-of-the-art live streaming system that makes it easy to field questions and comments from the audience.

Transform your online events into live experiences with individual attendees or groups.

Canapii’s resident Event Management Platform allows complete insight into all the data you’ll need to pull off a successful event, including access to quick stats, metrics, and real-time changes and updates.

Combining successful aspects of their mobile app and the Virtual platform, they’ve also made it possible to create events that exist both in the physical and virtual.

In other words, they’ve created a hybrid solution that allows you to reach a larger audience outside of the room. Essentially, Canapii is like the Netflix of events.

Additionally, they offer users the ability to create events for free on Canapii. Check out their blog for more information:

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