Make no mistake about it, there is a lot of help and support available these days for anyone that is experiencing any type of problems gambling online, however it does have to be said that help should come first and foremost from those sites that allow people to gamble with them.

That is why you will notice whenever you gamble at any betting sites for example that have been granted and issued with a gambling license to operate by the UK Gambling Commission that you will be offered a large and diverse range of responsible gambling limit settings.

I could list a large number of different groups and organisations that you should approach if you want to give up gambling, however there are a few that you should be checking out right now including GamCare, Gamblers Anonymous and GamStop too. The main flaw with GamStop is that unfortunately it is only valid in the UK. You will still be able to find online lists of betting sites not on GamStop where you can register and play.

As for just what options and settings are available to you, well you will initially be able to set yourself a strict deposit limit and not only that, but you will also be allowed to choose any number of days or even weeks that deposit limit will be in place on your real money account for.

Loss limits are also being offered to customers at many betting sites too, and they are another handy tool to make full use of if you want o to ensure that you are always going to be able to stay in control when you do bet online.

In fact, if you ever want to step back from gambling at any betting site licensed in the UK then you will also be able to make use of a take a break option and when you set about doing just that you can select any number of days or weeks that you will have a temporary block on your account for too.

GamStop Could Help Many People Stop Gambling Online

The two former named organisations offer a large array of practical support services and have a solid proven track record at helping support people with any type of gambling problem, the latter organisation however offers a unique type of service.

That they offer anybody that does want to stop gambling online is a way for them to self-exclude themselves quickly from every single gambling site that is licensed in the UK, and they do that via a self-exclusion register that is shared with the operators of those sites.

f you are eager to stop the temptation of you gambling online at UK licensed gambling sites then you really ought to sign up to GamStop today for in no time at all those sites will have you self-excluded and blacklisted from ever being able to sign up to their sites again.

I should also point out that there are no fees or charges whatsoever associated with signing up to and joining GamStop so that is in fact something that you could do right now, and it will certainly be a good initial step on your quest to give up gambling, so make sure you sign up today.

Other Ways to Self-Exclude from Betting Sites

Whether you sign up to GamStop or not, you will still have access to every other gambling site that is located anywhere other than in the United Kingdom, so will need some strong will power when you have decided to give up gambling to avoid those sites.

There is in fact a relatively simple way that you can lower your chances of gambling again well at least online that is and that is by both signing up to GamStop and also downloading a gambling site blocker tool onto your computers and mobile devices too.

By doing so any attempt by you to visit any of the many non GamStop sportsbooks online you will be blocked by doing so by that website blocking tool and will therefore never have the ability to gamble on the devices you use to connect to the internet as long as you have that software installed.

Have a look around the website for I do know there are quite a number of companies that offer such a tool, and it is certainly going to be worth downloading it onto your devices, for you never know, as some point in time during your journey to give up gambling you may have a relapse and get the urge to gamble again online, and with a gambling site blocker installed on your devices that option will not be available to you.