Excited men watching football in streaming on smartphone in bar. Football fans watching game on smart phone and celebrating victory score at pub. Happy supporters cheering and exulting after winning an online bet.

With so many different sports outlets popping up online these days, it can be tricky to pick through them and find the style of content that suits your needs.

In this article, we look at those apps and websites which are shoe-ins to be lingering in your favorites toolbar for years to come.

Hunting for Tips Has Never Been Easier

Putting together an NFL parlay can be tricky, especially when teams such as the Steelers are running red hot one minute, only to stink the place out the next.

Finding tipsters who can see those changes in fortune coming long before they occur is not always easy, but luckily, there are lots of different avenues that fans can go down to find relevant information.

Some of these still tend to be the regular sports news websites and blogs such as The Athletic or SB Nation, although there are exciting alternatives out there, with comparison websites like Oddschecker that manage to collate odds while simultaneously combining them with insightful NFL picks and tips that rarely disappoint.

Buy Direct from the Sports Scribes You Love

Everyone knows that frustration of being in a job where managers and those further up the chain of command butcher your work until it is an unrecognizable mess.

Some great sportswriters felt exactly the same and so decided to cut out any pesky middlemen by joining the Substack.com platform where, for a monthly subscription, readers can get exclusive un-redacted content from star sports scribes as well as writers from other fields of interest.

NFL fans will particularly like the Purple Insider and Go Long with Tyler Dunne, which give football fanatics the inside track on everything to do with the Vikings or the league in general.

Fan Blogs Often Where Laughs and True Knowledge Are Found

There was a time when fan blogs were amateurish affairs, which often resembled ragged message boards rather than streamlined and user-friendly websites.

All that has changed radically in recent years, with many fan blogs now easily outstripping their more corporate rivals when it comes to user engagement.

Some of the most long-running and frequently touted are Steelers Depot, Blogging the Boys, and Inside the Iggles.

For NFL themed laughs and giggles, readers cannot go too far wrong with the ever-popular Korkedbats.com or Sportspickle.com, both of which try to see the lighter side of a pro sport that often takes itself far too seriously.

Good Journalism is Still Hard to Beat

While all the above sources will certainly keep you entertained and informed, there are times when it is still nice to read a well-edited and thought through piece of journalism.

When it comes to sports and particularly the NFL, The Athletic is setting new standards for what consumers should expect from their sports journalism outlet of choice.