The running back dives for the first down with the defender on his back.

Sports betting has been extremely popular for years now; more and more people engage in it as the years pass. Even major sports media outlets have a dedicated section on their sites that specifically discuss odds and handicapping in various sports.

People nowadays see sports betting as a hobby to take instead of a form of gambling. Many people would agree with this. Not only that, the Supreme Court is allowing states to legalize sports betting, which will ultimately make sports betting legal in all states across the US.

The thing, however, is that sports betting should’ve been legal long ago. It’s only now that the government is making a move to legalize it. With its popularity continuing to grow, it makes no sense why the government took so long to legalize it. But of course, some people are against the notion of sports betting being legal. If you are one of those people, we are here to tell you the reasons why sports betting should be legalized.

It Contributes to the Sports Popularity

It’s no secret that fans of the sport become even more interested in watching the games when their money is also at play. Every action a team or a certain player does will always affect the odds and lines in sports betting, making the games more exciting. Because of sports betting, a lot more people will become more invested in the sport, making it more popular not only in the country but also in others.

If the sport is already so popular when betting isn’t legal, imagine how much more popular it could be when sports betting becomes legal in all states? With legalization, viewership will increase, giving players more motivation to play and fans to watch the games.

Sports Betting is a Game of Skill

Earlier this decade, when Daily fantasy sports (DFS) was introduced to sports betting fans, organizers managed to discover a loophole in anti-gambling laws. DFS was viewed as a game of skill, which set it apart from other forms of gambling. Because of this, DFS is not subjected to anti-gambling laws and is free to operate legally.

DFS is a game of skill, though. With the right knowledge and expertise, you can gain an advantage over other players, similar to poker. We’re not saying that it’s not a form of gambling. It’s just the fact that with enough knowledge and wit, you can be ahead of others, making it more of a skill-based game. This begs why DFS is allowed to operate and is seen as a game of skill when it is similar to sports betting in this respect?

It can be Taxed

Since not all states have legalized sports betting yet, illegal sports betting organizations aren’t taxed by the government. Because of this, the community itself cannot benefit from their profits. This is one of the main arguments that sports betting fans have regarding legalizing sports betting.

With the legalization of sports betting organizations, the government can tax their profits and give back to the community through health programs, youth outreach projects, social aid, etc. That said, sports betting can be a huge benefit to the economy.

Opportunity for Business

It’s no secret that sports betting businesses rake in a lot of money regularly, especially when a huge sporting event happens. That said, if one looked at the revenue these businesses take in, one would be interested in delving into the sports betting industry.

Not only that, a lot of people want to spend the rest of their lives doing something related to sports. Not all people can do that, though, but a sports betting business can be a good alternative. With the legalization of sports betting, there’s potential for a lot of sports betting businesses to pop up, further improving the country’s economy.

A Solution to Game Fixing

One of the biggest reasons some professional and college leagues are still opposed to sports betting is their concern about game-fixing. Back in the 90s, where ¬†athletes¬† didn’t earn even half of what the athletes earn today, it was a lot more common. But now that professional athletes already earn money close to 7 figures, it would be stupid of them to throw a game.

However, the college scene is different since college athletes don’t get paid, but that is all the more reason to legalize sports betting. By legalizing it, sports betting organizations can come out of the shadows and be laid bare by giving transparency to their operations. This makes it easier for the federal government to scrutinize their operation and spot any malicious activities.


There are a lot of benefits the country can enjoy when states decide to legalize sports betting. Not only would it make the economy grow, but it would also give more popularity to both major and minor sports. Not only that, it could solve the problem of game-fixing, which has been present for a long time now. There’s literally nothing to lose. If you’re interested in how sports betting sites work, click here to visit FanDuel.