Start Recycling Your Battery with Battery Solutions

Consumer Update

Technology is ever-changing, and the backbone of that technology is the battery. These batteries drive the ability to create wireless features and devices that sustain a charge. But what do you with batteries once they’ve reached the end of their life cycle?

Many people throw them away, but did you know you’re not supposed to throw most batteries in the garbage? They can be recycled! Reclamation of battery material is just as important as using it to power your device.

Battery Solutions

Battery Solutions’ Recycle Kits make battery recycling not only easy but accessible to everyone.

By taking care of everything you need, from providing the UN-approved recycling container, to transporting batteries to the recycling plant, to recycling, Battery Solutions is fulfilling an important function in a society increasingly dependent on batteries.

For almost 30 years, they’ve handled hundreds of millions of pounds of batteries for recycling. Their drop-tested recycling kits come in several sizes to fit your unique needs.

You might be looking to recycle batteries as an individual or as part of your company’s more comprehensive recycling program.

The all-inclusive kit allows you to place anything from your house or business inside, including double-A batteries, power tool packs, old cell phones, tablets, toys with embedded batteries, and more.

You don’t have to understand battery chemistries to recycle.

Shipping and processing are included, so simply place all of your dry-cell batteries in one container and hand it off to your carrier.

The entire process is 100% traceable and compliant so you know you’re making the smartest decision for the environment.

They can trace your battery from collection through processing. As the leader in battery recycling management, they are the trusted source for sustainability programs.

Stop throwing away the batteries in your home or business and start recycling them with ease. Head on over to for more information.