UPERFECT X -True Portable Keyboard Monitor for Both Business and Pleasure

Tech Report

Portable monitors are convenient for a number of on-the-go uses, including those times when you’re looking to enhance gameplay or deliver an important work presentation, like when you’re on the road.

One of the best portable monitors on the market right now is the UPERFECT X True Portable Monitor.

UPERFECTThis company has revolutionized the portable monitor space by connecting a keyboard and battery to a monitor or mobile phone, effectively turning it into a full-fledged laptop, or more precisely, a LapDock.

This is the best partner for smartphones with SAMSUNG Dex, Huawei Easy Projection, or other Android 10 with Desktop Mode. The advantage is that you can store and secure all your information into your smartphone and get rid of the file transferring from phone to laptop.

Using its own battery puts you in a position where you don’t need an external charging source, unlike other portable monitors on the market.

The battery powers up this bad boy for a good 4 to 8 hours and is strong enough for all your power needs, even if you find yourself gaming or watching movies for hours.

The UPERFECT X sports a USB-C and Mini HD port so you can connect to a laptop, computer, mobile phone, PlayStation, Xbox or any other number of devices.

This makes it perfect for playing games, watching movies, giving a presentation, or conducting online learning. The easy plug and play design will have you up and running in a flash.

The adjustable levels of the backlight on the keyboard allows you to make the keys visible in low-light situations.

And best of all, the full high definition display will have you rocking content at 1080p, for a clear, crisp image.

The UPERFECT X is the perfect companion for anyone who’s constantly on the go and is in need of a work from home solution. Leave the laptop and harness the power of your mobile phone, with the UPERFECT X True Portable Monitor.

Purchase yours today at uperfectmonitor.com.