Become an Expert on Human Anatomy with the Anatomy Ninja App


Understanding the anatomy of the human body gives us a keener understanding of this vessel of human life we’re steering on a daily basis.

Whether you know nothing about the body, know very little, or are an experienced healthcare professional, the Anatomy Ninja Upper Limb app is a fun and engaging way to learn all about that area of the body.

Master your knowledge of the human anatomy as you slice and dice your way to the Shaolin Monastery and the Ninja Academy.

Slice through bones with your saber, target muscles with your Shurikens, and eliminate articulations with lightning speed.

The game calls out different areas of the upper limbs like the humerus or the phalanges and you must strike the proper spot to earn points.

While it’s fun to cut through the anatomy in a light and fun way much like Fruit Ninja, here you’ll actually be learning all about how the body is put together and how it functions.

Perfect your knowledge with a game that includes medical illustrations, 3D images, radiographs, and CT and MRI images.

If you’re ready to kick some real gluteus maximum, download the Anatomy Ninja Upper Limb app in the Google Play or App Store or visit