Receive Faster Recovery with the A3 Therapy Massage Pro Gun

Consumer Update

While the workout session itself is key to getting fit, the downtime between workouts is equally as important. Releasing the lactic acid build-up and increasing blood flow to your muscles will ensure rapid recovery; resulting in the best gains possible from your workout session.

The A3 Therapy Massage Pro Gun is one of the most effective products on the market for rapid muscle recovery helping you jump back into action in no time.

A3 Massage Pro Gun

You could hire a professional masseuse for a session or for the same cost, with the Massage Pro Gun, you could get the same effective treatment at home or outdoors, anytime and anywhere your muscles need it.

Crafted specifically for the athlete, the A3 Massager provides deep tissue percussion therapy right to the spots in desperate need of relief.

The handy touch screen allows you to easily access variable settings including up to 30 different speeds for just the right spot.

With 6 different massage heads for accessing just the right spot.

Now, it’s not just for those going in for the intense workout. You can use it on tight shoulders, shin splints, tennis elbow, lower back pain, and other repetitive strain injuries.

For those of you who have no time for downtime, head on over to and purchase the A3 Therapy Massage Pro Gun today!