The ObeEnd Wristband is Changing the Game for Health and Wearable Tech

Tech Report

There are endless methods out there to achieve weight loss, some more effective than others.

We generally know what they are. You have diet and you have exercise, but now there’s a wearable that is looking to introduce a brand-new way of shedding unwanted weight.

The ObeEnd, as it’s called, is a wearable wrist device that helps reduce gastric acid secretions and the wearer’s appetite with targeted electrical stimulation.

ObeEnd™ VS Sports Wristbands

Using electrical stimulation to reduce appetite is established by well-respected research scientists around the world, supporting the idea that this device can help combat obesity.

Developed by scientists at UC Berkeley, the ObeEnd was built to not only safely help people lose weight but to help them live a healthier lifestyle.

In addition to reducing appetite, the use of electrical stimulation also helps in other ways like exercise and post-exercise tolerance. By making physical activity more tolerable, it stands to reason people would exercise more often, leading to a healthier life.

The device also acts as a fitness monitor and its mobile app gives people personalized feedback.

The ObeEnd will be available for purchase in early 2021. You’ll be able to find it by searching for “ObeEnd” on

You can also visit for more information.