FLOW WATER – Mobile 3D Water Puzzle Game | NewsWatch Review


While there are plenty of mindless activities and apps on your phone that might have you aimlessly scrolling for hours at a time, there are some apps designed to help improve your mental acuity.

Unique puzzle games like the Flow Water Fountain app will exercise that brain of yours all while keeping you entertained.

Now, we’ve talked about how awesome this app is but they’ve just released a ton of new and exciting levels and once again we’re addicted to this little brain teaser of an app.

Each level gets increasingly more difficult as you work to solve the puzzle.

The idea is to make the water flow from its origin point to the color fountains forming different waterfalls. Create water cascades, move stones, channels, and pipes through the 3D board to make each colored water flow to its final destination.

As it stands, there are over 750 levels in Flow Water Fountain that’ll give you endless head-scratching fun.

You’ll begin with Basic levels but soon you’ll flow into harder and harder levels all the way up to Genius and, for the truly brave, Maniac, where advanced puzzles take your puzzle-solving skills to the max.

Download the Flow Water Fountain app for free today in the Google Play or App Store.


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