The dynamic nature of today’s business climate has given importance to every encounter between sales representatives and customers and prospects. Sales conversations are meaningless if your sales reps cannot figure out the customer needs at the right time to make a sale. It is becoming increasingly important for sales managers to invest in the right sales coaching tools to help sales reps to not only have a high engagement but also solve customer problems and drive sales.

Sales managers can use coaching tools to track the encounters of every sales rep and also teach them best practices and overall help build the business brand. When you’re able to capture, track and get insight into interactions between reps and customers, it is easier for them to learn from their mistakes and improve on what works.

Sales coaching that is based on the interactions of team members with customers is a great way of sharing what has worked. Managers can take advantage of insights from conversation intelligence tools to guide sales reps to embrace strategies that have proven to be effective. This is important in reducing the onboarding time as this information can be used to develop a playbook.

Why Use Sales Coaching Tools?

Sales managers can use sales coaching to identify coaching moments and improve sales performance. But that is not all; here are some of the benefits of using sales coaching tools.

  • Increase in revenue. With sales coaching, managers can detect high-risk deals from conversations and videos of sales reps. This information gives sales managers an advantage as they can make the right move to correct things. Coaching tools are designed to target 60% of sales reps to help improve their performance. It achieves this by identifying best practices of top-performing reps and replicate to average-performing reps. With regular coaching of the average performers, you can expect an overall increase in revenue.
  • Improve quota attainment. According to research, sales coaching can improve the long term performance of reps by 19%. Moreover, companies that implement coaching are likely to increase their win rate by 12%. This is because sales coaching tools equip managers with records of conversations between reps and customers that can further be analyzed based on preferred parameters. This makes it easier to personalize training hence the improved performance of sales reps translating to quota attainment.
  • Consistency of sales messaging. With direct access to sales activities and conversations, managers can understand the messaging with which sales reps use to speak about products and position it to customers. This makes it easy for them to set standard sales processes and ensure consistency in messaging among all sales reps and in all locations.
  • Cuts onboarding time by half. Research shows that the performance of sales reps often peaks at between 2 and 3 years within a role. However, sales coaching tools can help to create a collection of best practices that sales reps can often refer to in closing deals. Using these practices to train new reps will effectively reduce the onboarding time so that they peak much earlier.

Managers can use coaching tools to solve multiple problems and increase the outcomes of their teams. One of the reasons reps will quit their job is lack of skill development and career progression opportunities. This is partly because sales managers don’t take time to coach their sales reps and when they do the coaching is lacklustre. Thus, sales coaching tools are a real game-changer because they help managers to offer targeted coaching that is guaranteed to produce results.

They not only record customer calls but also auto score videos/calls based on different preferred parameters. Thus, when managers listen to the calls or videos, they can identify the areas they need to pay attention to when coaching to help reps improve on their weak points. These platforms help in overcoming the data barrier while giving managers all the data and tools they need to help their sales reps improve their performance.

The major advantage of sales coaching is that the sessions are personalized so reps can discover themselves, their strengths, gaps in thinking, weaknesses and motivations to enable them to work on their relationship with customers. Investing in the right sales coaching tools means managers will never fail to identify coaching moments for their team members hence they can be sure to continually work on improving performance and in turn sales. When sales reps know which deals with the deals they should prioritize, strategies that are working and those that are not, their engagement and overall output increase significantly.