Therapy Brands – Making Telehealth Visits More Secure Than Ever Before

Biz Report

Technology has expanded access to healthcare in ways we never could have imagined. In a year marked by a global pandemic, telehealth has emerged as a safer means to receive the care we need without putting our health at risk.

Powering the new wave of telehealth options for mental healthcare is Therapy Brands.

Its mission is to destigmatize mental and behavioral healthcare needs by providing the most comprehensive and integrated technology solutions.

According to, an estimated 1 in 4 adults suffer from a mental illness.

The pandemic hasn’t changed their need for proper care, only the way in which they receive that care.

Therapy Brands’ wide array of software and services include practice management software, billing solutions, payment processing, e-prescribe, data collection, reporting, messaging, and, of course, telehealth.

Telehealth that is safe and secure is more important now than ever and Therapy Brands’ telehealth solution is HIPPA-compliant, which means all personal data is protected and confidential.

What’s more is the integrated system is available for any type of practice or agency in the therapeutic market, a unique offering in the telehealth field.

The secure therapy-focused software and digital messaging portal expands access to care and helps bridge the gap between patients and practitioners.

You can find out more about Therapy Brands telehealth solutions and other software by going to today.