The Best Quality Training Mat You’ll Find – AIREX

Consumer Update

While most of those who are interested in getting the best out of their training workouts focus on exercise equipment, there’s another important accessory vital to getting the most gains possible.

It’s an accessory that too many overlook at their own peril – the training mat itself. Without the right mat, you risk discomfort and even injury to joints and muscles.

For the best quality mats, check out AIREX.

AIREX is the world leader in training and therapy mats, putting out the best foam technology products for almost 70 years.

The beauty of AIREX is in its comfortable yet durable design. These Swiss-made products are comprised of up to 96% air, making them truly one of a kind.


The Swiss are synonymous with near-perfect engineering and attention to detail and that shows in all AIREX products.

The AIREX training mat’s design provides the ultimate comfortability and durability for even the most intense workout.

The perfect cushioning protects your joints, tendons, and spine, while the slip-resistant upper and lower surface ensures the mat never gives out.

And the added instability forces your muscles to work harder to obtain balance, which in turn increases the intensity of the workout.

Now, if you’re looking for a mat that actively adds to your workout then look no further than the AIREX Balance Pad. This top-notch Balance Pad works to activate your deeper muscles using sensorimotor coordination training.

Better yet, they also have a line of yoga products for you to do at home or take to your studio.

This is the perfect addition to any workout intended to rehabilitate or prevent, or for those looking to push their workout over the edge.

Purchase yours today by visiting or search for AIREX mats on Amazon.