Loop Mount Is Revolutionizing the Phone Mount for Cyclists

Consumer Update

Since the global pandemic, interest in cycling has increased dramatically. It seems everyone has jumped on a bike or scooter or other similar modes of transportation. Some are commuting while others are using it strictly for recreational purposes.

Loop Mount provides accessories for the everyday cyclist in the new normal, post-pandemic. They’ve completely revolutionized the phone mount.

Loop Mount

You see, current solutions for bikes are little more than slightly modified car phone mounts. They tend to be ugly, bulky, and cheap. They’re just not made for cycling.

Enter Loop Mount. Designed from the ground up for cyclists, the slick, all-metal construction clamps your phone for a tight hold that won’t give even on bumpy roads.

A big plus is an out-of-the-way design. When not in use, simply fold the mount neatly away in the low-profile metal loop on your handlebars. You’ll barely know it’s there.

The all-metal mount looks and feels like it’s just another part of the bike. It’s compatible with nearly any smartphone on the market, including the new iPhone 12 Pro Max as well as all handlebars and bikes.

You can learn more and buy your own Loop Mount phone holder by heading on over to LoopMount.com today.