Download Datasets for Product Brands, Categories, and Retailer Offerings with Datafiniti

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Data is like currency. Without the free-flowing exchange in and out of businesses, success is next to impossible. Acting on accurate, up-to-date data allows companies to make the right decisions for expansion.

It’s getting all of that data in one place that’s the real trick.

Datafiniti is a data aggregator that curates, normalizes, and merges numerous sources to create robust datasets resulting in actionable intel.


Their proprietary web portal lets you quickly download datasets for specific product brands, categories, and retailer offerings.

We’re talking about more than 200 million product data listings with 500 million price offers from thousands of online retailers.

Customers can even request more niche retailers to be added to the database to meet their unique product data needs.

Before Datafiniti, collating all that necessary data to a company’s operation in one easy-to-access place in an assimilable format was a total nightmare.

What they’ve done is create a complete pipeline from the raw online source to instantly usable data – always up to date and always accurate.

This is, after all, the only way data analysis works, by having fresh and reliable data. And with Datafiniti, it’s now at your fingertips.

You can find out more by visiting their website today at


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