AbleDocs Includes Everyone, Every Time with Easy, Secure and Cost-Effective Accessibility

Consumer Update

Document accessibility is a real problem. Not all documents are created equal and there’s no one solution that fits all to make them that way. Visual or cognitive impairment can make it difficult or darn right impossible to properly interact with PDFs, web content, and other documents.

That’s where AbleDocs comes in.

AbleDocs is the worldwide leader in PDF accessibility products and services and has over 20 offerings. They make sure that organizations who are creating content can cost-effectively make their content accessible.

AbleDocs looks at how documents are being created to find the most sustainable option for their content creators and ensuring that their end users can access that content going forward.

Document accessibility is like speaking a different language. For people who can’t visually consume content, it’s no different than translating content into Spanish, Chinese, or German.

AbleDocs is unlocking this for the nearly 10 million Americans that have a print disability and if organization is recognized, it becomes more of a translation exercise than an accommodation exercise. Essentially, AbleDocs is making the world a much more inclusive place by ensuring that everyone has access to content.

With billions of remediated pages of content under their belt, AbleDocs has continued to push the limits of how quickly, cost-effectively, and accurately they can provide fully accessible and compliant documents. Unparalleled document accessibility is only a click away.

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