Improve Blood Flow, Boost Oxygenation, and Reduce Inflammation with LumaCare Duo

Consumer Update

Laser technology has numerous applications and has effectively revolutionized any industry in which the technology has been applied. Nowhere is this more evident than in the medical industry.

After serving in the industrial, medical, and commercial laser industry for over 30 years one company saw a need for a new type of Cold Laser system—a laser designed to maximize treatment effectiveness and improve patient outcomes.

And thus was born LumaCare.

The LumaCare Duo therapeutic laser system uses Cold Lasers that are designed to help improve blood flow, boost oxygenation, reduce inflammation and pain, and enhance cellular recovery for traumatic and chronic injuries.

This is the first Low-Level Laser Therapy system to utilize two emitter heads instead of just one.

LumaCare duo

Two rotating emitter heads sit on opposite ends of two dually jointed arms, allowing them 180-degree motion.

With this system in place, we’re seeing faster results than ever before with the ability to treat two different zones at once.

The Duo also has 3 different wavelengths – one for skin and surface areas, one for muscles, one for joints.

With greater coverage and 8 to 10 times the power of other lasers on the market, not to mention at a lower cost, the LumaCare Duo is the next step in the evolution of therapeutic lasers.

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