The T50 by SIDIZ is Redefining the Standard Office Chair

Consumer Update

A chair is more than just a place for you to sit. It has to be comfortable and take into account the optimal position for proper back support.

SIDIZ has close to three decades of experience designing, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality ergonomic chairs.

For more than 10 years, the T50 by SIDIZ has been at the forefront of comfortable office chairs.

t50 chair

With more than 2 million sold and used by major global companies like Manchester United, GE, Toyota, and the UN, the T50 is not only beautiful, it’s also incredibly practical and ergonomic.

It’s designed to support your back no matter how you reposition. The T50 naturally moves with you as you shift, providing all-day comfort.

And as everyone knows due to the pandemic, setting up a healthy and focusable home working environment is very important, and an ergonomic chair like T50 is a great solution to this.

Now there’s really no one size fits all, which is why they’ve created 5 different tilt angles, giving freedom to your body.

It’s also easily customizable, with the option to adjust the slope of the seat, the armrest, and the headrest. The T50 was designed to provide the support you need and with highly adjustable capabilities, you’ll be able to personalize it to you.

Some of their Amazon customers even call it the best office chair they’ve ever had. Find out more about the T50 chair by going to and be sure to also use ‘NewsWatch21’ for a discount on your next chair.