Washed Ashore – High-Quality and Ethically-Sourced Jewelry

Consumer Update

Sometimes all it takes to add to your wardrobe is a little bit of jewelry. And when you know that jewelry is ethically sourced and high-quality, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Washed Ashore jewelry is all the above and simply stunning.

From necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings, they represent some of the highest quality accessories on the market.

And all of their fine jewelry is sustainably handmade from recycled metal and post-consumer upcycled stones to deadstock pearls and upcycled abalone.

It doesn’t get more eco-friendly than that. Featured in Vogue and Positive Luxury, you won’t find this kind of eco-friendly beauty anywhere else.

With an intricate and creative design evident in every piece of jewelry, it’s hard to imagine how they’ve done what few others have been able to do, finding the perfect harmony between beauty and nature.

Some of my favorites include the Huggie Hoop earrings with engraved star details and a post-consumer stone center, the Ira Drop earrings made from post-consumer upcycled stones, and the sterling silver Stardust Bangle made from (you guessed it) post-consumer upcycled stones.

Washed Ashore has a large collection for you to peruse and every single piece is sustainably made. They even go so far as to ship carbon-free in recycled and recyclable packaging and shipping materials.

Finding harmony between nature and humanity, Washed Ashore shows what real commitment to sustainability looks like.

Find out more and shop their jewelry collection by visiting WashedAshore.co.