Journal Tracker – Track and Graph Emotional Levels, Thoughts, and Vitals


Imagine the ability to decrease physical pain and improve your emotions with an app.

For people with Chronic Pain or depression, studies prove that self-betterment starts with Self Awareness.

A new App Does just that!

The Journal Tracker app is the perfect tool to help you track and graph pain or emotional levels over time.

When you are in pain or depressed, you don’t feel like messing with a Journal.

That is why Journal Tracker lets you simply click a single emoji. That click will enter the time of day, the pain level, and the date.

And if you’re interested, you can enter more information such as your thoughts, your energy level, or other vital information.

By getting it all out of your head and in your personal journal, you’re working to not only see it as separate from you but helping to relieve your mind.

Self-improvement starts with self-awareness and what better way to do that than with this powerful journaling app.

Download the Journal Tracker app today in the Google Play or App Store or visit