Hold Your Pants Up with the Twist and Hook Design of Skinny Clip

Consumer Update

Belts are a necessary nuisance. There are plenty of us who, if we had the choice, would do away with bulky, cumbersome belts.

Well, with Skinny Clip, we can do just that.

Skinny Clip was born out of necessity. The inventor of this brilliant accessory hated wearing belts but still needed something to hold his pants up.

Denim notoriously stretches throughout the day, so if you’re wearing jeans you need something to hold them up. If you don’t like belts, you’ve got a problem.

The Skinny Clip to the rescue. This simple, unintrusive clip holds your pants up with a simple twist-and-hook design.

Simply slide into onto any fabric, pants, shorts, jeans, skirt, or the like, twist and hook, and you’re all set.

Skinny Clip is better and less expensive than a belt and what’s really cool is it works for all body types.

You don’t have to break the bank on different types of belts or buy a new one when you go up or down a size.

If you’re not a fan of belts but are a prisoner to the service they provide, check out this new patented invention that’s about to sweep the nation.

You can purchase your Skinny Clip today by visiting SkinnyClip.com.