The Most Hygienic, Contactless Method of Digital ID is Verihand by nVIAsoft

Tech Report

The pandemic has forced us to reimagine how we interact with the world around us. Things that once seemed normal are getting an overhaul from design up. Hackers have been emboldened by the world moving online so now is the time to be more diligent with our security than ever.

Verihand by nVIAsoft is the most hygienic, contactless method of secure digital ID available in the marketplace today.

Part of the problem is that some biometrics are fundamentally flawed when duplicated

The issue is that the authentication is flawed and the industry is looking for a solution for identity proving.

nVIAsoft is a secure identity provider. With their contactless reader, using the entire hand, unlike fingerprint and facial recognition that can be duplicated and hacked. By reading the whole hand and reading the complex pattern in data points, Verihand makes for the most unique and the strongest authentication in the market.

We need the most secure and hygienic method that will not compromise the identity of people. Because of face shields, facemasks – so we can avoid that by using the hand.
Their blockchain makes our pure digital ID immutable – it cannot be changed.

Once it’s in the network, it cannot be changed. The only person who can access your ID is your hand – the password is you. You are the key.

By using the entire palm, not just a fingerprint, Verihand can authenticate with unparalleled accuracy.

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