Stack the Scoops – Award-Winning Card Game for Both Adults and Kids

Consumer Update

There’s nothing like a fun game to rally the family troops and encourage bonding. And we’ve got just the one for you.

Stack the Scoops is an award-winning card game perfect for kids and adults alike.

In fact, the game was developed with the help of the creators’ children aged 9 and 6.

Stack the Scoops helps reinforce math skills with a unique twist, making it the perfect game for fun and learning.

It’s easy to learn which means families can start enjoying it right away. Here’s how you play. You’ll do your best to match ice cream sets to collect points.

Match up bases, scoops, and toppings. Double or triple your scoops if you want to really maximize your points.

Whoever collects the most points wins the game! This kind of gameplay helps kids learn important skills like strategy, addition, multiplication, and probability.

The visual gameplay makes Stacks the Scoops accessible for kids who haven’t yet learned to read.

And even though it’s easy to grasp the rules quickly, it’s engaging enough for older kids and adults. Get the most fun out of your next family game night with ViBuGo’s Stack the Scoops.

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