Smart Lock Lockly

By: Scott Steinberg

Thanks to the magic of connected home technology and automation, it’s easier than ever to keep close tabs on home security– even while you’re away and traveling this summer.

Credit a growing range of smart lock solutions, many of which make it possible to lock and unlock doors with a press of a button, regardless of where you’re currently working or vacationing at any given moment. But with an ever-expanding spectrum of options and features now on offer – e.g. the ability to assign one-time or recurring access codes to others on the fly – which specifically makes the most sense for your individual needs? The short answer: It all depends on how you plan on using these systems, how many people will be coming and going, and how frequently that they’ll be swinging by. Here, we’ve put together a handy guide to several of the top smart lock choices available – just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a continually growing range of high-tech home security options.



Controllable via smartphone app (either Schlage Home or Key by Amazon), you can easily lock and deadbolt your home from anywhere you have an Internet connection thanks to this smart WiFi device.  Using the system – which comes with wireless connectivity built in, so you don’t need additional accessories – you can setup up to 100 temporary or permanent access codes, or send virtual keys to trusted associates. Integrated alarm technology and proactive low-battery warning indicators only prove an added bonus, adding to users’ peace of mind.



Hate having to fumble for your keys each time you return home? Try this user-friendly Bluetooth lock, which lets your cell phone double as an access point instead. For convenience’s sake, you can also program entry codes tied to individuals that limit access by date and time of day or assign one-time access codes in case a repairman or maid needs to swing by. 

Nest x Yale Lock

$249 and up

Want to check whether or not your door lock is armed using Google’s voice-powered Assistant, or control access to it through the popular Nest home automation app? Assign loved ones and colleagues individual passcodes they can use to access a vacation or investment property, instead of having to copy keys? Get alerts from afar if some unscrupulous party tries to tamper with your locking system? This is the deadbolt to own.

Vision Doorbell Camera


Imagine a smart lock that combines all the best features of top-end models (convenient remote access, ability to command the unit via voice assistant, etc.) with the best features of video doorbell cameras as well. That’s Lockly’s Vision – which comes complete with live streaming video monitoring and recording capabilities – in a nutshell. Add it to your home, and you can not only keep things locked up tight, but also beam high-definition video right to your smartphone, with film footage recorded to SD memory cards for backup purposes as well. It’s a handy way to keep your house safe while keeping a watchful eye on who’s at your door.



An affordably-priced smart deadbolt that lets you monitor and control access to your home from virtually anywhere that you have an online connection. Easy installation makes it readily accessible to novice users, who can set up and assign up to 30 unique access codes to friends and family on-demand. Designed to work with smart speakers (e.g. devices powered by Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant) and home connectivity ecosystems (i.e. Samsung’s SmartThings suite), it makes a handy addition to any home.

Halo Touch


Leveraging the power of biometric (body-controlled) technology, the Halo Touch lets you use your fingerprint in lieu of a key to lock and unlock doors. Set the device up quickly and easily using a WiFi network and smartphone, and you can bolt and unbolt doors with a quick press. A dedicated mobile app also makes it possible to manage access and users while on the move.