Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox: Which One Is Better?

What is the best web browser to have on your laptop? What is the best web browser to match your Windows 10? And what is the most universal browser for any...
Pelematic Orange Peeler Professionalvideo

Pelematic Orange Peeler – Designed to Peel Just About Anything | NewsWatch Review

CES/Tech Report Pelamatic appliances are a wildly popular line of fruit and nut peelers designed to peel just about anything, from oranges and green beans, to walnuts and olives. But until now...

ECOVACS – Intelligent Cleaning Solutions for Your Home | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report/CES There are always a few booths that consistently wow us at CES. And this year ECOVACS Robotics didn’t disappoint. ECOVACS designs intelligent home cleaning solutions with advanced technology at a significantly lower...

Ecobee4 – Voice-Controlled Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report One of the most popular trends in technology over the past few years is Home automation. These days we can control different aspects of our home using our phones, watches,...

SunPort – Using Smart Grid Technology to Manage Your Solar Energy | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report Many of us want to make moves toward helping the environment and leaving a smaller carbon footprint, but we don’t know where to start. Well, start with SunPort. SunPort gives you plug-n-play...

Marshall – Wireless Multi-Room, Customizable Speakers | NewsWatch Review

Tech Report For over 50 years, Marshall’s been a leader in the audio industry, making high-quality products with an iconic design. They’re living up to their legacy with the new Multi-Room Speakers. These speakers...

AIVIA – Portable Smart Speaker with Built-in Subwoofer | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update SproutBox Design specializes in creating innovative products that use smart technology to push the concept of premium portable entertainment to the next level. And that’s exactly what they’ve done with...

Seynani – Putting a Final Stop to Sugar Cravings | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Are you stuck in the never-ending cycle of sugar cravings? Just one more cookie. Just one more scoop of ice cream. Studies have shown that sugary, processed foods can produce...

SnoreCoach – Quit Your Snoring and Sleep in Silence | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update Sleep is a vital component to your overall health and general wellbeing. But it’s tough getting a good night’s sleep when you snore, or worse if your partner snores. Well, that...

PowerLix – Kitchen Gadgets that Make Food Preparation Effortless | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update If there’s one place you can guarantee you’re going to spend some time in every day, it’s the kitchen. While prepping or cooking a meal might seem like a chore,...
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Whole Foods Closes Shop on its Rewards Program

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