STRYK – RXT – The World’s First Automated Fitness Robot Trainer

Consumer Update

A robotics company for human performance, STRYK is revolutionizing the combat sports and fitness industry bringing advanced technology solutions to your home and gym.

By integrating automated robots in the modern home and professional training programs, STRYK is pushing the limits on what the human body is capable of.

STRYK - RXTThe RXT-1 is the world’s first fully automated home fitness robot trainer that acts as both your sparring partner and personal fight coach.

The RXT-1 comes complete with three training modes suitable for beginners to professionals.

In Learn mode, the RXT-1 strikes at you in a consistent pattern allowing you to practice offensive and defensive techniques and making it easy to learn.

In Spar mode, the RXT-1 strikes at you in an unpredictable manner, forcing you to improve your reflexes, timing, and speed while giving you a sweat-drenching workout.

Then there’s Combination mode, where you choose from over 100 pre-programmed combinations or you can build your own combination to enhance your striking and defensive skills.

This is essentially an in-home striking mitt coach that is user-friendly.

You are fully in charge of the RXT-1’s striking and can adjust the speed and time allowing you to train at your own pace.

The best part is the RXT-1 offers you the convenience of your own personal gym from the comfort of your own home that you can train with at any time. The RXT-1 is going to take your high-intensity cardio workouts to a whole new level all while having fun.

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