Find Your Way Through the Stock Market with Finliti

Consumer Update

Investing shouldn’t be limited only to those with vast knowledge of the stock market who live and breathe their stock portfolio. Those who are just starting out should be able to reap the rewards from investments without getting in the weeds with all that inside baseball jargon.

Well, here’s a way to learn all you need to know to start investing today. Finliti is an accessible educational platform for beginner stock market investors aimed at helping them overcome their fear of investing.

Finliti helps investors develop their own investment or trading strategy according to their personality characteristics. This platform exists because the market is a bank of emotions and quality financial advice is difficult to access for most people.

Making irrational decisions when buying and selling securities on the stock market can be expensive and lead to losses. The investor profile tells you about your investing inertia and how much risk you can stomach to achieve your goals.

After you get your results, you can join a faction where an avatar guides you along to a simulated journey through various investing or training scenarios that are based on your individual investor profile type. Users get to learn the financial information that is relevant to their own personal investment objectives quickly and effectively so that they gain the confidence to develop a winning strategy on the stock market.

They’ll own rewards and recognition while they learn and defeat the emotional villains that are holding them back from making wise financial decisions.

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