6Connex – Secure, Cloud-Based Virtual Environment Platform

Biz Report

When much of the world went into lockdown due to the pandemic, the global workforce had to be resilient and creative.

Virtual emerged as the new normal as daily commutes transformed into remote work, face-to-face meetings turned into screen-to-screen, and convention centers became virtual environments.

Enter, the rise of virtual event platforms with 6Connex leading the pack.

6Connex is a secure, cloud-based virtual environment platform that enables marketing, sales, human resources, and recruiting teams – in any industry – to host virtual and hybrid events that drive audience engagement.

Their fully immersive virtual environments feature 10D centric event AI capabilities to keep attendees highly engaged, such as AI matchmaking, my scheduling, and my agenda.

Organizers can create live, on-demand, and simulative experiences, virtual conferencing, interactive games, and instant 1:1 chats. 6Connex is built with HTML5 to allow a seamless mobile experience and cross-platform support.

With their robust technology, event organizers have the ability to track leads, gain insight into attendee behavior, and uncover content preferences.

From events that need a speedy delivery to events that require enhanced customization and features, event organizers can rely on 6connex Launch, 6connecx Rise, and 6connex Soar.

Experience the best way to do virtual. Visit www.6connex.com today to learn more or schedule a demo.