Soberlink – Remote Alcohol Monitoring System for Those in Recovery

Consumer Update

Alcohol addiction can take a terrible toll on families, friends, and of course the individual themselves.

Soberlink is dedicated to improving the lives of those struggling with alcohol addiction. Soberlink’s remote alcohol monitoring system helps those in addiction recovery who truly want to get better, remain accountable.


The system is equally effective in Family Law where documented proof of sobriety is used to ensure child safety.

By creating a method by which the use or abuse of alcohol is completely transparent, we’re creating a safer space for individuals, families, and their children.

Soberlink offers two monitoring devices. Soberlink Connect pairs with an app and uses a Bluetooth connection to send results, while Soberlink Cellular is an all-in-one device that uses its own connection to send results in real-time.

These discreet, portable devices offer an alternative to lab testing, using facial recognition to verify the user’s identity anytime, anywhere. Advanced tamper detection capabilities ensure no one attempts to cheat the system.

As soon as a test is complete, the results are sent to all parties involved allowing them to track progress. Sobriety begins with accountability.

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