Aerate Any Bottle of Wine with the Aveine Smart Aerator

Consumer Update

Tried and true, wine aeration is more than just a luxury, it’s necessary. Aeration allows the wine to exhale all of its inherent flavors and reveal its rich aroma.

But who wants to wait for a bottle to properly aerate? That’s where Aveine comes in.

Instantly and perfectly aerate absolutely any bottle of wine no matter the occasion. Aveine is the first smart wine aerator to hit the market.


With the accompanying app, you can mimic the oxygenation time you’re looking to achieve. Set it for anywhere from 1 to 24 hours. As the wine passes through the Aveine, it adds ambient air to the liquid, directly to the heart of the flow. This, in effect, reproduces the same level of aeration of the wine as if it had been opened hours earlier.

The app ensures it’s calibrated properly each and every time. It also includes over 70,000 wine references in the Aveine database. When you scan the wine label, Aveine will work to match it with the proper wine in their database.

Once matched, the app will propose the best aeration for best results.

Curious to taste the incredible results of a young Cabernet Sauvignon or a Merlot?

Head over to to purchase the Aveine smart aerator today.