Hi Tailin’ It – Easy, Nutritious, Single-Serve Pouches of Food for Your Pup

Consumer Update

When picking the right food for your dog it’s important to weigh the nutritional value of the food. Even if you’re looking for on-the-go eats for your pooch, there’s no need to sacrifice quality.

Hi Tailin’ It provides easy, nutritious, single-serve pouches of food for dogs on the go.

These simple and delicious freeze-dried meals were made with two different pouches to choose from.

If your furry friend is the adventurous type you’re going to want the on-the-go pouch. It’s perfect for backpackers, campers, hikers, or hunters.

It’s the most convenient way to feed your furry friend while out and about. Because the food is freeze-dried, it maintains its nutrition while staying lightweight and easy to carry.

And, because it’s important to properly dispose of and not waste, the environmentally friendly pouch dissolves in about 30 seconds when mixed with water.

Simply open the pouch, place the food in a dog bowl, add water to rehydrate, and let them chow down. When they’re done, place the pouch in water, swish it around and let it dissolve.

They even have emergency pouches that have a 10-year shelf life. As wells as On The Go bars and treats!

Purchase yours today by high-tailing it over to HiTailinIt.com.