By: Nick Gambino

Apple just announced a special event to be held on September 14 at 10 am PST.

The California Streaming event, as they’re calling it, will take place at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino. Like most, or all, events in the past year and a half, the event will be virtual. If it’s like any of the earlier pandemic era events then it will also be pre-taped

You can expect Tim Cook and his team to show off the iPhone 13, the Watch Series 7, and the newest iteration of AirPods. While none of these are confirmed, this is typically the time of year when they unveil the newest iPhone which then goes on sale a few weeks later.

Everything we know about the newest version of the phone comes from leaks and rumors, but those usually ending up hitting the mark for the most part. The iPhone 13 should look pretty similar in size and design to the iPhone 12.

As you might expect, the camera is going to get an upgrade, possibly improving night mode. The notch which was introduced in the iPhone X will hopefully see some shrinkage, taking up less real estate on your screen.

Rumors also suggest the phone will get a high refresh rate screen at about 120Hz. That’s new for iPhones but not new for other contemporary smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. It’s an important feature for anyone who is looking for less eye fatigue and a smoother scrolling experience.

Internet sleuths are currently breaking down the video announcement from Apple, trying to find meaning behind the visuals. Some believe the glowing Apple logo suggests we’re getting an always-on display. That means it never goes to sleep even when the lock screen kicks in. You’ll always see the clock and battery. The same glowing logo is on the static event invitation suggesting there’s some sort of symbolic meaning.

“California streaming” probably has no significance beyond the fact that they’re streaming the event from California with no in-person option, but we’ll know next week if I’ve missed the mark

You can watch the event at or in your Apple TV app.