Aromyx – Understanding and translating smell to taste

Over millions of years, we’ve evolved our sense of smell and taste into one of the most powerful chemical detectors in the world. We found a company harnessing that power to generate data and create actionable insights. Aromyx has developed a sensing technology that digitizes and quantifies what we detect and transmit to our brain through our olfactory sense and gustatory system. You see, we can sense a trillion different odors, but cannot communicate these differences in precise or meaningful ways, and a lot of what is perceived as taste is smell, as olfaction plays a dominant role in tasting. Aromyx takes care of the data-heavy lifting for us. This innovation can completely revolutionize industries like food and beverage, cut the R&D cycle in half to get to market faster and improve the smell and tastes of foods without sacrificing health and quality. Aromyx analyzes samples for their clients, which then creates honeycomb maps to demonstrate how the sample is perceived by an individual. These insights can help improve product design, target demographics, and even forecast trends, never mind the vast implications in solving global issues around health and sustainability. Aromyx is using robotics to automate its sensor platform to quantify odors at an unprecedented scale. It’s like having a team of scientists working around the clock.

Aromyx is seeing fantastic feedback. We’re able to give our customers the information to identify that consumer market, make better products, and continue to innovate in the sensory space.

With a hastened desire to meet consumer demand, companies are turning to Aromyx for their unique insights. Find out more by visiting today.