Lewis Road Creamery – A Creamery With Standards

All right, look through your kitchen. What’s your most used item? Well, there’s probably a couple vying for first place and one of them is probably butter. It’s a staple in every kitchen and used in everything from buttering toast to greasing up your frying pans to cooking just about anything. So of course we deserve the best butter and we’ve found it. Lewis Road Creamery was founded with one idea in mind, create the world’s best butter.

They quickly climbed the ladder of success, becoming the leading premium brand in New Zealand, and are now ready to do the same here in the States. Their butter is made on their very own dairy farms in the beautiful countryside of New Zealand, where their cows roam on non-GMO green pastures, 365 days a year, day and night. These stunning farms allow for cows to be in their natural state humanely raised. This is part of the ethical process by which they produce butter.

The first thing you’ll notice is how yellow their butter is. Well, that’s because of the high amount of fresh grass, nothing artificial. Lewis Road Creamery butter is completely natural right off the farm. And because cows live off the land, they are virtually 100% pasture-fed. This means the butter is packed full of essential vitamins like omega-3 vitamin A, D, E, and heck, most of the alphabet of nutrients. Of course, health is important but we also want to know if it tastes good.

This is going in our food after all, right? Well, Lewis Road butter passes the taste test with flying colors. It elevates any dish and even as that special something to your baking that just makes the whole thing melt in your mouth.

Get your hands on this mouth-watering and easily the best butter out there, head on over to LewisRoadCreamery.com today.