Uber Commits to 50,000 Teslas by 2023

Photo by SCREEN POST from Pexels

By: Nick Gambino

Uber stated their intention to have their entire fleet of drivers in the U.S. rolling in electric vehicles by 2030. While it’s easy to dismiss that commitment as little more than empty words, Uber has just announced a new partnership deal with Hertz to earmark 50,000 Teslas for the ride-hailing platform by 2023.

Uber and Hertz have worked together since 2016, providing discounts to drivers who don’t own their own cars. This is essentially an expansion of that program, allowing drivers to specifically rent a Tesla for a reduced price.

“This is the largest expansion of electric vehicles (EVs) on a mobility platform in North America and one of the largest globally, marking another step towards Uber’s zero-emissions goal,” Uber SVP of Mobility and Business Operations, Andrew Macdonald, said in the announcement.

The new rental deal kicks in on November 1. Starting then, drivers in LA, San Francisco, San Diego, and D.C. will be able to rent a Model 3 electric sedan for as low as $334 a week with prices intended to drop to $299 down the line. Both maintenance and insurance are included in that price. Considering how much you’ll save on gas and insurance, and even maintenance, you’re really not spending much for the luxury of driving an awesome Tesla Model 3. Plus, EV drivers get an extra $1.50 per ride.

The Tesla rental program will roll out nationwide a few weeks after launch, building toward all 50,000 Teslas being used by 2023. That’s just a little over a year. And with Hertz themselves having ordered 100,000 Teslas to add to their rental platform, we should see a lot more of these guys on the road soon.