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Lately, the US has become far more accepting of online gambling, and many states have begun to legalize and regulate this growing market. Online gambling, much like gambling in person, allows people to wager real money on the event of games. These games could be casino games such as roulette and blackjack, or they could even be sporting events. Gambling is risky, but it can be great fun, and it’s been popular for thousands of years all over the world.

In recent years, the gambling industry has been transformed by the introduction of online gambling. Players can now use online sites to play games for real money. However, many jurisdictions have laws against online gambling, and until relatively recently, the US was the same. From 2013, however, some states such as NJ began to regulate online casinos and sports betting.

Legalizing online gambling can have a big impact on how much money a state can collect through taxes. In addition, many people across the country have still been gambling online but using unlicensed and unregulated sites. By regulating the market, states can claim additional tax revenue while also protecting players from offshore gambling sites that may be unsafe.

The US States with Legal Online Gambling

New Jersey – In New Jersey, online sports betting, casino gaming, and poker are all permitted. NJ residents have a wide range of sites to choose from and can gamble online and in person.

Pennsylvania – Pennsylvania also allows all three forms of online gambling, with legal sports betting sites, poker sites, and casino sites in PA are all available.

Illinois – Illinois currently only allows online sports betting, with online casinos and poker sites still illegal. The first sportsbooks launched in 2020, but only non-college sports betting is allowed, with no betting permitted on elections and other non-sporting events.

Michigan – Michigan has legal sports betting, online casinos, and poker sites. The Great Lakes state is one of the newest online gambling states in the country, having started to regulate these markets in 2021.

Virginia – In Virginia, only online sports betting is permitted at the moment, with poker sites and online casinos still against state laws. Several major sports betting sites quickly launched since being permitted in 2021, and although college sports betting isn’t allowed, exceptions are made for the March Madness tournament

Colorado – Colorado is another US state that so far has only allowed online sports betting. There are already more than twenty online sportsbooks available in CO and could be even more over the coming years.

Tennessee – Tennessee is a rare example of a state that has made online sports betting legal while still keeping the ban on in-person betting. So far, sports betting is the only online gambling activity allowed in TN.

Indiana – Online sports betting is the only form of online gambling permitted in IN for now.

West Virginia – West Virginia was one of the first US states to legalize online sports betting and recently added online casino gaming too. The West Virginia Lottery Commission controls gambling in the state.

Iowa – In Iowa, online sports betting is the only type of online gambling that is legal.

New Hampshire – New Hampshire allows online sports betting but still has restrictions against online casinos and poker sites.

Nevada – Nevada might be the home of land-based gambling in the US, but it has fairly restrictive online gambling laws. Online casinos aren’t allowed, but online sports betting and poker are.

Delaware – Delaware is a tax haven as well as supporting online gambling, allowing poker sites, online casinos, and online sportsbooks to operate here. However, while online sports betting has been legal since 2019, no sportsbooks have launched in DE yet.

Oregon – Oregon recently agreed to legalize online sports betting, but other types of online gambling are still restricted.

Rhode Island – Online sports betting is the only form of online gambling permitted in Rhode Island.

Montana – Montana has launched legal online sports betting, but bettors may only use a single, government-owned site.

Wyoming – Wyoming joined Tennessee as the second state to allow online-only sports betting. The state launched its first sportsbooks in 2021, and it’s one of the few states where the legal betting age is 18.

Arizona – Arizona has legalized online sports betting, allowing bets of all kinds on regular sports. For college games, however, proposition bets are not permitted.