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In the past few years, the use of gaming apps has exploded, with developments in technology helping. Many people being on lockdown across the globe was another factor, as people sought new ways to entertain themselves.

While the majority of gamers are millennials, around 70% of Americans play some type of mobile game every day. These games are a way to pass the time, or even get some adrenalin going on your way to work.

Some people play the same game for months on end, while others like a variety. More than a fifth of all Android apps downloaded are games, which rises to a quarter with iOS users.

Games Are More Than Just Fun

While many people play games purely for fun, there are benefits to playing that some don’t realize. Playing games are your phone is actually mentally stimulating and can help with your problem-solving skills.

When you’re playing a game, it can lower you stress levels and take some tension out of your day. You are also engaging parts of your brain that you might not normally, which encourages a higher level of thinking.

While playing games, you need to analyze quickly and make strategies, and that is using your brain power. Developing these skills can be useful for other parts of your life, maybe even in your job.

Play and Use Your Brain

Of course, you can actively choose games that will increase these skills, such as strategy or math games. Quadropoly, a twist on an old favorite board game, uses AI to help you learn advanced tactics.

The thrill of trading properties in real time boosts your adrenalin, but also makes you think on the spot.

Poker has long been a favored game among the masses, and now you can access Canadian poker apps online. It provides a genuine workout for your brain and helps test its efficiency.

Poker teaches you to:

  • Think logically – what is in front of you, and what are your odds?
  • Make decisions based on fact.
  • Have patience – sometimes you need to wait until the time is right.
  • Discipline – your resolve is being tested regularly when you play.
  • Concentration – thinking about your strategy, the cards and other players takes focus.

Luminosity is one of the most popular games in the world, with 85 million people playing it. It is widely considered to be the original brain training app, but it’s actually fun.

The mini games within Luminosity are designed to improve brain function in five areas: attention, flexibility, memory, problem-solving and speed.

It includes driving games that appeal to young and old, puzzles and games with rule changes.

Sudoku is another popular game, which has transferred from paper onto phone apps. A grid numbers game, it starts off easy and increases in difficulty as you progress.

There are dozens of sudoku apps available for Android and iPhone users so people can choose based on themes etc. It’s been reported that Sudoku can make your brain eight years younger!

Elevate won best app of the year for iPhone in 2014, and it’s another popular gaming app for your brain. It encourages daily use, where you play three or five games that boost your brain functions.

If you’re a poker player, then elevate might not be for you, as it focuses mainly on text. Competitive people may like it, as it measures your performance and shows where you rank against other users.

Games Made by Scientists

It’s not just game developers that come up with new games, now scientists are creating games for smartphones too. Peak has been developed by scientists at Yale and Cambridge to test and boost brain agility.

Peak recommends brain training three times a week and provides a personalized brain ”workout” plan. It also provides data on the different brain functions and how you’re doing in each.

A fantastic feature of Peak is that you can pick the days you want to train, and set reminders. This makes it easy to fit into your schedule.

The games are fun and appeal to children as well as adults. This is a great draw for parents who want their children playing games to improve their concentration.

Personal Zen was developed by Professor Tracy Dennis at Hunter College, to reduce stress and build resilience. She created it along with other researchers from Hunter and the City University of New York.

When your brain is under stress, it doesn’t work as well, so this game helps you change your mindset. Two animated characters react very differently while rustling through the grass, and you can see which one does better.

Fit Brains Trainer has more than 360 puzzles and games designed to train your brain. Play almost every day for a year, and you’ll never see the same game again.

It also gets increasingly harder, so your brain gets a proper workout each time.

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Games Improve Your Life

As we grow older, our brain function declines, but gaming can keep our cognitive abilities up. This is why it’s important to play games, not just for stress relief, but to boost our brainpower.

There are so many choices of gaming apps on the market in 2021. If you’re not attracted to any mentioned, there are still plenty of other options.