Connected Apparel – Stylish, Inclusive, Affordable

A large part of feeling and looking confident is being comfortable in your clothes when you find the perfect fit in style. It’s pure excitement. That’s exactly what  Connected Apparel is all about, creating stylish and affordable dresses and jumpsuits with a flawless fit.

They are the go-to inclusive clothing brand for today’s women. Connected Apparel is a family-owned business founded over 20 years ago, with the express goal of helping all women, no matter their age or size, feel and look their best.

The immediate family has over 70 years of experience as dress makers, but the connected apparel family extends beyond their family tree. Now it includes the seasonal designers and industry experts who dedicate their craft and time, and hopefully soon it will include you too! Pieces range from timeless silhouettes to trend-forward showstoppers that flatter and fit all body shapes and sizes from 40 to 24.

Plus, most of their prints are created in-house by the Connected Apparel team, so you won’t find anything else quite like their designs. Every dress in every jumpsuit is crafted from easy-care, high quality fabrics, so they look gorgeous and feel fantastic.

Plus, no dry cleaning needed as everything can be cared for at home, by hand or in the washing machine. With nothing over $100, Connected Apparel is affordable without sacrificing quality. They spend a month on each design before starting production, and they quality checked every garment before shipping orders from their offices in Los Angeles, California, and their personalized customer service is unmatched in the industry.

Taking the time to care for every customer and ensuring everyone finds pieces to love Connected Apparel makes you feel truly like family. You can browse their collection and shop by heading to today, and it’s a special holiday treat.

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