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The 5G network has allowed for users of smartphones and tablet devices that are able to benefit from it to be able to stream, play and surf on the internet quicker than ever before with the connection provided better than that of 4G.


Naturally, the online casino market is one such sector that has been able to make huge strides and benefit via its introduction, with those who decide to play all of the latest casino games available able to do so without fear of slow speeds.


Some of the major advantages that have been experienced have been outlined below, with it becoming clear just how welcomed 5G is and how the mobile casino industry has managed to embrace it with open arms since it was introduced.


Blockchain-based games should be able to thrive


Blockchain-based games are becoming increasingly favourable with players at the moment as many are opting to wager with cryptocurrency instead of traditional fiat currency for a variety of different reasons. The introduction of 5G will have meant that those who prefer to enjoy a session playing crypto slots will be able to do so a lot easier than before, as they will have a network and internet connection available to them that is capable of producing high speeds and being more secure than ever before.


Live dealer casino games will improve


5G should also be a stepping stone for the experience that is provided by those who enjoy live dealer casino games, as well. Currently, bettors are able to enjoy near-authentic gameplay experiences when they choose to play games such as poker, roulette, blackjack and baccarat as they are provided with crisp visuals from broadcasts that are made in real-time. Additionally, the image from the webcam provided is typically of a high quality, as well. The only thing that can have a negative impact on the authentic experience received is the internet connection but with the introduction of 5G and the drastically improved speeds, this issue should become a thing of the past.


Sharper pictures and images will be displayed


In addition, an improvement in the picture quality of the graphics displayed should also be greater because of the use of 5G now. With so many already enjoying a number of live casino games by using a 4G network, players should notice a significant difference when they use the latest technologies available as pictures should get clearer, sharper and even more visually immersive. With many screens now showing pixels at a higher contrast (such as 4K and 8K in some cases), the new internet network will mean less amounts of data will need to be used in order to provide the crystal-clear images.


Higher gaming speeds


Of course, the improvement in games being offered will be an addition to the fact that a 5G network will provide players with a gaming speed that is faster, as well. There have been too many occasions for some in the gambling community who have become frustrated with the speed of their internet, as it has negatively impacted their gaming session. With 5G providing a single micro millisecond latency feature and boasting a broader capacity compared to 4G, players will be able to receive and play the games at incredibly high speeds.


AI and VR could flourish by the introduction of a 5G network


Moreover, the features should allow for new and innovative features to be introduced to the market, with games that utilise augmented reality (AI) and virtual reality (VR) perhaps being the biggest benefactors. With low latency, broad bandwidth, and high net speed, 5G should allow a new era of cloud-connected experiences to be formed.


Download speeds drastically improved


The biggest difference that many will instantly feel when they use 5G will be in the time that making a download will take. With many mobile casinos providing punters with the opportunity to download a standalone app that they can use to access all of their favourite titles and play in an instant, players will be able to download it in next-to-no time at all. Of course, many of the apps downloadable now are relatively quick to download, but with 5G, users will be able to find that they are able to get a better experience whilst using them compared to the 4G (or even 3G) networks still being found.




Although 5G technology is not quite widespread throughout the world at the moment, there is no doubt that when it does, everyone will be able to enjoy and benefit from a greater mobile casino experience when they decide to play their favourite games on a mobile device. With so many advantages to be had, it will feel impossible to ever play the titles available on anything over than a 5G connection.



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