Hi-Jack – Ugly Jacks No More!

With technology constantly changing, we’re often left with some of its history on our walls. Like this unsightly phone jack. Jacks just aren’t on the walls, but they’re in them, making the removal an expensive undertaking. Introducing the solution, “Hi-Jack.” Hi-Jack works on most phone jacks. Within seconds, Hi-Jack turns the jack into something useful and good-looking, making it the easiest DIY project that you’ll ever do. Slide the bracket onto the jack and the Hi-Jack over the bracket. It’s that simple.

Hi-Jack’s hollow design helps hide the protruding jack. Hi-Jack comes with six artful images that are fun and easy to change. Just slide them up, pick one and drop it in, or use the frame to display your favorite, personal 4×6 photo. Also included, is a clear piece that slides in front to protect your images. The shelf is a perfect size for a fob or a roll of doggy bags. Hooks, sturdy home for your keys, and pet leashes. No Jack, no worries. Even if you don’t have a jacket, you can still enjoy the Hi-Jack by attaching the bracket to any wall.

It’s fun, simple, and useful. Purchase yours today by visiting Hi-Jack.com.