Aveine – Taste Wine The Way Its Meant To Be Tasted

Okay guys, the holidays are in full swing and that means parties and parties mean the wine will most definitely be flowing. Now while you could just pop a bottle and pour, you’d be doing yourself and your guests a disservice. Proper aeration allows the wine to exhale all its inherent flavor and realize its full potential. The thing is full aeration, it takes time. You have to let it breathe for hours. That is unless you have the Aveine Smart Aerator. This is the first-ever smart wine aerator that aerates your wine in an instant to enhance the experience and provide the most optimal tasting notes. No matter the bottle of wine, Aveine knows exactly what to do.

The Aveine app works in sync with the aerator to determine the right amount of aeration and then mimic the oxygenation time. Here’s how it works. Uncork the bottle and place the aerator on the neck, scan the bottle label with the Aveine app and let it search the more than 90,000 wines in its database to match up the right one. It’ll determine the proper settings for the best results, mimicking between one and 24 hours in an instant. After the app has determined the right setting, the wine passes through the Aveine, adding ambient air to the liquid with no added time.

For example, if you were to aerate a bottle of Chateau Latour Carnet 2018 the traditional way, it would take you at least two hours or as long as 14 hours. With the Aveine Smart Wine Aerator, it would take you zero hours, zero minutes, and zero seconds. It really is instant but produces the same results, unlocking the full rich flavor of the bottle. All that’s left to do is pour and enjoy.

You can purchase the Aveine Smart Wine Aerator by visiting aveineusa.com.