Someone Somewhere – Love What You Wear, Love Why You Wear

Today, our purchases have become more important. Customers have the power to decide to support brands that have a real impact. Now we found a great place to discover one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories with a purpose. Someone Somewhere is a digitally native brand with a mission to lift thousands of artisans who live in vulnerable conditions out of poverty. Now, each product is designed with travelers and adventurers in mind, focusing on design, impact, and functionality.

Artisanry is the largest employer in the developing world with over 200 million artisans living in extreme poverty. Many of which are women that do not have a market for their artisanal roots We work hand-in-hand with them to innovate and bring awareness to their artisan techniques that have been passed on from generation to generation. And we work on sustainable job creation and not just throwing money as an issue. We believe that there are dreamers and social impact warriors like us that believe in creating a better world with their everyday purchases. Take our Lifeproof pullover, for example. This product combines one of the oldest hand embroidery techniques with comfort and functionality. It is everything you need in a pullover while providing sustainable impact. The impact we’ve seen in the communities we work with is that by combining the best of both worlds, traditional artisanry with modern designs, we have a range of innovative products, including apparel, backpacks, and accessories that we have co-designed with our artisans. This has resulted in employing over 200 women and preserving cultural traditions in our modern world.

All their products are signed by the artisan. Someone is for the artisan who makes the products, somewhere is for the places that they call home. Find your new favorite product at today.