Tiny Landlord – Build Your Dream City!

Tiny Landlord was designed to help you learn and explore all about building, upgrading, and managing a city. You’ll start by building and decorating your very own city, providing all the important facilities for your citizens. Start from a small village and build it gradually into a big, bustling town by adding offices, shops, apartments, hospitals, police, and anything else necessary for your city to run. Of course, that also means providing the absolute essentials like electricity and water.

You’ll get your employees to carry out these tasks running water and laying wire for electricity. You’ll use cash and your power to upgrade buildings and unlock important facilities. Provide your citizens with street lights, taxis, public transportation, parking lots, gas waste disposal services, and more. You’ll earn money as your city operates. Check back into the game to see how much money you earn while you were away You’ll use all that cash to further grow your metropolis. Zoom around the city you built by way of car, helicopter, or Zeppelin!

Check-in on your citizens to make sure everyone is happy. You’ll chat about their daily life problems and see if you can help by donating money so they can use it to solve their issues and improve their lives. The more you build up your city and the better that you run it, you’ll receive gifts in the form of landmarks and monuments.

Become the next big landlord tycoon by downloading Tiny Landlord for free in the Google Play or App Store today.