Medigate – Protect Your Medical Records With The Best

Health care is always moving, and so are the devices used to deliver care. This mobility creates significant challenges as hospitals attempt to locate, manage and secure the devices connected to their networks. With more and more health care networks getting hacked, the need to secure the devices connected to the network and you have never been greater. Medigate helps hospitals understand how their connected devices should behave versus their actual behavior. They use this knowledge to stop hackers so hospitals and patients stay safe. Hackers basically have two targets within the health care delivery organization. one is targeting patient safety and the other one is targeting patient privacy.

Patient safety. The attackers are trying to do is to use a method called ransomware to take over medical devices that could impact human life. The other thing that they’re looking for. This goes to patient privacy in medical records. These medical records have value in the market. The thieves sell this among themselves, and they’re looking to obtain those and sell them for the highest bidder. So basically, Medicaid has a three-stage process to stop hackers. It starts with visibility.

The second phase is risk assessment and identification of vulnerabilities. Lastly, it’s about risk mitigation. The future of Medigate goes beyond just delivering security for health care delivery organizations. We understand that health care goes beyond the health care systems themselves. We see health care at the home, we see health care and outpatient facilities as well. We’re also partnering with medical device manufacturers. The premise behind this partnership is to bridge the gap between the health care delivery organizations and the medical device manufacturers in order to have unparalleled security.

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