Today, businesses are not just money-making machines looking forward to merely increasing their profit. Having a socially-responsible corporate culture is one of the critical factors that a highly reputable company should have. Flagman Telecom company is among the socially-responsible corporations that care about society and constantly contribute to societal well-being. Eternal Nation Foundation’s Telethon 2021 was indeed one of the charitable events of the year supported by Flagman Telecom.  

Eternal Nation Foundation’s Purpose

The Eternal Nation Foundation provides restorative healthcare services rebuilding the lives of injured Armenians who sacrificed themselves to protect their motherland. The foundation has no political affiliation and is independent of the government. The main purpose behind this is to elevate medical care standards in Armenia and create a modern Medicine and Surgery center for medical care and education. The center will restore every patient’s functionality, whether the patient is military or civilian, to make them feel again a fully functional member of society. 

What was the 2021 Telethon for?


On December 25, 2021, the Eternal Nation Foundation organized a telethon as one of the fundraising channels to raise the necessary money needed to accomplish their goals. The event lasted 12 hours, during which people were calling and donating money for the greater good. Hence, the most important factor for the success of Telethon was powerful and uninterrupted telecommunication. This is where Flagman Telecom, one of the top telecom companies in the USA, offered its support by providing its VOIP phones and VOIP phone services. Due to the joint effort, the foundation was able to raise around $500K to invest in restoration practices.

Why Flagman Telecom?

As a telecom company, Flagman cares not only about its clients but also about societal well-being. Flagman Telecom has a firm belief that every business has a corporate social responsibility to fulfill by giving back to society. No wonder that Flagman offered its support to the Eternal Nation Foundation for organizing Telethon 2021. Providing both high-quality VOIP phones and unlimited nationwide calling, Flagman ensures uninterrupted connection crucial for the success of the event.

Final Note

Socially responsible entities like Flagman Telecom and Eternal Nation Foundation are motivating examples of how to contribute to the greater good with just one event. The support that businesses provide to such charitable events becomes a driving force for society.