By: Nick Gambino

Just ahead of CES, Samsung announced their 2022 Smart TVs which are designed to support cloud gaming as well as a ton of other new goodies.

This year, select Samsung Smart TVs will feature a new platform they’re calling “Gaming Hub.” This service allows you to play video games directly on your TV without a console or PC. Powered by Samsung’s own Tizen mobile OS, they’ve partnered up with Nvidia’s GeForce Now, Utomik, and Google Stadia for the launch.

Users will be able to search the Gaming Hub for any streaming titles provided by their partners and then purchase and play them right there on the TV. There’s also “AI gaming technology” that will work to curate and recommend games right on your home screen based on your interests.

With the ability to pair Xbox and PlayStation game controllers with the Samsung Smart TV, it’ll be just like playing on a console without taking up precious real estate on your entertainment unit.

While the Gaming Hub seems primarily geared toward cloud gaming played right through their platform service, your HDMI-connected console will also show up here. This is quite important as seamless integration and a primary hub for all your gaming needs and wants is an enticing feature for any gamer in line for a smart TV.

In addition to gaming, the new line of TVs features a Smart Hub that allows users to switch seamlessly between entertainment, gaming, and an Ambient setting. This last one is how you’ll display photos, art, etc. when you’re not watching TV but want to add an aesthetic element to the room.

Strangely the company has also added support for NFTs on their Smart TVs. While NFTs have certainly taken off in the last year, adding support to a TV seems like a gimmick. Is it really necessary? Or is it just another promotional keyword to plugin and sell more TVs? I guess if it works, it works.

Gaming Hub is expected to launch later this year on select Samsung Smart TVs. Meanwhile, CES is underway in Las Vegas so we should hear more from the company over the coming days.


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